The TokenRequest API enables the creation of tokens that aren’t persisted in the Secrets API, that are targeted for specific audiences (such as external secret stores), have configurable expiries, and are bindable to specific pods. These tokens are bound to specific containers. Because of this, they can be used as a means of container identity. The current service account tokens are shared among all replicas of a deployment and thusly, are not a good means of unique identity.

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Concept of Stack

A stack is a memory in which values are stored and retrieved in “last in first out” manner. Data is added to stack using push operation and data is taken out of stack using pop operation.

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This post is an about an array-related question that often comes up in interviews, and the solution. Before that, we learned the basic data structures of the Go programming language. It is a good way to further relate to what we have learned earlier.

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